Managing Money as a Couple (Ep. 32)

Managing Money as a Couple (Ep. 32)

Money can be a source of contention in a relationship, but it doesn’t have to be.

Today, Financial Dignity® Coach, Christine Luken, talks about the mindset shifts and practical actions you can take to manage money as a couple in a more harmonious way. She explores how to handle your cash with your better half without the drama and is all about how to play nice with your partner when it comes to your finances. Christine is a big fan of chatting it out, getting cozy with each other’s money histories, and penciling in some adorable “money dates” to discuss spending and financial plans. She shines a spotlight on the must-haves: being as clear as crystal, building a fortress of trust, and kicking financial secrets to the curb. Plus, she’s all about mixing it up with a sprinkle of yours, mine, and ours when it comes to bank accounts.

So, buckle up. It’s time to make managing money with your main squeeze a walk in the park.

Christine discusses: 

  • The importance of open communication when managing money as a couple
  • Understanding each partner’s unique money blueprint
  • Being financially transparent and addressing financial secrecy
  • Having a weekly “money date” as a couple
  • Why both partners should be involved in financial planning and decision-making
  • And more


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