Financial Coaching Conversations with Kelsa Dickey (Ep. 39)

Financial Coaching Conversations with Kelsa Dickey (Ep. 39)

Dive into the heart of financial coaching with Kelsa Dickey on Money is Emotional.

In this episode, Financial Dignity® Coach, Christine Luken, is joined by Kelsa Dickey, financial coach and creator of The Financial Coach Academy®, for a chat about the financial coaching industry. Their conversation dives deep into the essence of financial coaching, how it illuminates the path for personal financial management, and what someone should look for in a financial coach. Listen in as Kelsa emphasizes taking action over mere financial literacy.

Kelsa discusses: 

  • Her inspiring path to becoming a financial coach and launching The Financial Coach Academy®
  • What to look for when hiring a financial coach
  • Important trends and cautions in the financial coaching space
  • Tips for overcoming initial reluctance to seek financial coaching
  • What advice she would give herself at the beginning of her financial coaching career
  • And more


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Connect with Kelsa Dickey:

About our Guest: 

Kelsa Dickey is the CEO and financial coach behind Fiscal Fitness Phoenix and The Financial Coach Academy®. Kelsa helps people achieve their money goals through 1:1 coaching and by mentoring other financial coaches on delivering that same transformation for their clients. Kelsa is a fitness enthusiast who loves to train in powerlifting as a hobby, is a mom of two, and enjoys spending her summers in Michigan.

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