The Dangers of Girl Math (Ep. 30)

The Dangers of Girl Math (Ep. 30)

Have you ever fallen prey to the infamous “girl math”? 

If you’ve ever succumbed to an impulsive shopping spree, you’re probably guilty as charged!

Today on Money Is Emotional, Financial Dignity® Coach, Christine Luken, dives headfirst into the world of “girl math” – those quirky rules women supposedly abide by when justifying their impulse buys.

 Christine takes a magnifying glass to this flawed logic, sharing a jaw-dropping example that’ll leave you questioning the sanity of “girl math.” Get ready for a rollercoaster as Christine passionately voices her concerns about this trend and its impact on the financial well-being of women. She stresses the urgency of financial literacy and responsible spending, urging her fellow ladies to reclaim control of their finances. Out with “girl math,” in with “wealthy woman math” – making informed financial decisions!

Christine discusses: 

  • What “Girl Math” is and where the trend started
  • The omnipresence of Girl Math
  • Why Girl Math  is a cutesy way to keep women dumbed down about money
  • The liberation of not needing to justify your spending when you’re in control of your money
  • Trading “Girl Math” for “Wealthy Woman Math”
  • Recognizing if you’re using Girl Math as an occasional funny joke or as a way to justify self-destructive financial behavior
  • And more


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