Are You Helping or Enabling? (Ep. 20)

Are You Helping or Enabling? (Ep. 20)

Have you ever wondered if your acts of kindness are truly helping or unintentionally fueling poor financial habits? 

Brace yourself for a mind-bending exploration as Christine dives deep into the world of financial enablement, deciphering its meaning and empowering you with the tools to identify and address this delicate issue head-on.

With a dash of wisdom and a sprinkle of practical advice, Christine will guide you through setting healthy boundaries and fostering financial independence for your loved ones. Get ready to reclaim your own financial power while supporting those you care about.

In this episode, Christine explores:

  • Unveiling the fine line between helping and enabling
  • Recognizing when your “help” falls short of being helpful
  • The crucial first step to fixing the enabling dynamic
  • Preparing for “the talk” and establishing healthy money boundaries
  • And much more insightful advice to transform your financial relationships!



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