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6 Ways to Increase Your Income This Month (Ep. 33)

6 Ways to Increase Your Income This Month (Ep. 33)

Get ready for another electrifying episode of Money is Emotional! 

Today, Financial Dignity® Coach, Christine Luken, talks about six simple ways to increase your business income, THIS MONTH.

She dissects a range of approaches, including the introduction of tiered service options, the clever reconfiguration of product offerings, the strategic hike in pricing, the targeting of sales efforts towards current clientele, and the streamlining of the transaction journey.

Christine brings her own stories to the table, highlighting the psychological impact of buying decisions, the upsides of adjusting prices upwards, and the critical role that consumer allegiance plays.

This episode is brimming with practical tips for business owners eager to amplify their financial returns.

Christine discusses: 

  • Upselling and down-selling
  • Repackaging what your business offers
  • Raising product and service prices
  • Selling to your current and past customers
  • Making it easy for customers to buy from you
  • The importance of following up with both existing and potential customers
  • And more


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