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I’m an Executor, Now What? (Ep. 31)

I’m an Executor, Now What? (Ep. 31)

It takes approximately 500 hours for an executor to complete tasks that have been designated to them by their deceased loved one.

If you’ve been appointed as an executor, this episode of Money is Emotional can help you learn how to best prioritize tasks, solidify decisions without guilt, and provide you with much-needed encouragement as you carry the weight of executing a will.

Join Christine Luken, Financial Dignity® Coach in a soul-stirring conversation with Rachel Donnelly, CEO and founder of AfterLight as they discuss what to do as an executor of an estate. Rachel shares practical advice on when to seek professional help and how to navigate estate administration. She emphasizes the importance of collaborative estate planning, a way to make informed decisions that pay homage to the departed’s legacy.

Learn how to balance mourning with managing the intricacies of being an executor as Christine and Rachel touch on:

  • Responsibilities of an executor, and the first steps to take when a loved one passes
  • Their personal experiences with being an executor and estate planning
  • Emotional and financial challenges that come with losing a loved one
  • How to detail your estate plan to ease decisions and actions for your executor
  • When an executor should reach out for help
  • And more

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About Our Guest:

Rachel Donnelly is the CEO and founder of AfterLight, a company that provides legacy planning and After Loss Consulting. She has dealt with the loss of many of her loved ones and often wishes they had been better prepared. Rachel aims to give families in the same situation the guidance, space to grieve, and ability to get back to their everyday lives by taking after loss and end-of-life tasks off their plates.